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Todayís news headlines depict a Middle East in revolutionary turmoil. Iranís economy teeters under harsh sanctions and its people suffer under rule by hard-line clerics. Israeli missiles kill innocent Palestinians while Israel vows to bomb Iranís nuclear facilities. Can these two deadly enemies ever be allies? They once were.
Author Sohrab ChamanAra looks past current, short-sighted media and Americansí limited historical consciousness to provide a long-lens look at Iranian history. He recounts the glory days of the Persian Empire, which witnessed peaceful relations between Persians, Armenians and Jews prior to invasions in 700 A.D. by Arabs and Central Asian Turkic Mongols.
More importantly, Armenians, Iranians and Jews were each victims of brutal 20th Century genocides.
ChamanAra presents a bold, visionary scenario of how Iran can play a vital role once again in forging an economic and political partnership among these Middle East neighbors within the coming decade-- transforming current enemies into peaceful partners in a Union of the Middle East.

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نقشه تجزیه ایران قبل از انقلاب 1357 طرح ریزی شده بود
به همت فرهنگستان جهانی کورش بزرگ، سوابق این طرح و سخنرانی مبتکر آن برنارد لوئیس گردآوری شده
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