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A Journey To The Truth is the title of a book, which has been published (POD) at September 2005 by AuthorHouse and is available in the bookstores and
The Persian version of this book is published at January 2007.

The book is story of Sam, who was born in 1947, to a loving family in the poverty stricken south side of Chicago. After losing both his parents before becoming a teenager, he struggles to survive, grow up, wed, develop a career and deal with both downfall and wealth.  All the while, he seeks the ultimate truths in the study and practice of different religions and philosophies.
At the end of his spiritual journey, mystical 12th century Persian poetry opens his love-filled heart.  Sam finds the essence and common ground of all religions.  He tries to apply his understandings and faith as a basis for peace to heal divisions in his community but only finds success and
serenity in other surprising ways.
This picture is the cover of the book.
The symbols shown along the trail represent religions and philosophies which Sam experiences during his spiritual journey.
The tree at the bottom, more importantly than being the nest of the Thirty Birds of Attar, also represents the tree of HOMA in the ancient Persian Gnostic, the equivalent of the “Tree of Life” in the Old Testament, which  is a symbol of the Creative and Dynamic Harmony of Opposites. It also symbolizes the essential harmony among all creeds and religious traditions, no matter how opposed they may seem to one another on the surface.